If There Is A Positive In Covid-19 …. Locked Down But Not Locked Out

As the Corona Virus pandemic takes a grip on the world, a multitude of change has come into effect.
The bitter loss of life already has an all too powerful a message as to how fragile we really are.
How the smallest of lifeforms such as Covid-19 can dominate a race on a global scale and indiscriminately infect and threaten us to the limit of existence; how significant are we in the grander scheme of things?
The adoption to change of mindset, to accept less and to care more for others, has brought out the best in most of us. We use technology and social media in the interest of human welfare and connectivity. This is the blessing it was designed to accommodate, bringing the world together even though at times to the point of dilution of traditional human interaction. To its credit technology it has shrunk time and distance to be able to connect with anyone in the world 7×24.

At the same time, social media and the power of the internet has become a platform to project negativity and spawn hatred and evil, but also has recently been the community voice of the masses to out and expose and to berate those who selfishly deprive others of lesser standing to adequately prepare for a period of sustained internment, shame on the panic buyers and the acts of greed.

We can use challenge and sadly tragedy to become the best that we can be. In everything there is a positive and together we can and should learn from the experiences we are going through and will endure in the coming months.

Whilst the world has accepted, we are at the mercy of nature, our adoption to temporary but for now indefinite social separation, our lives have changed, but for the better … is up to us.
At times such as this, when as humans we are less in control of the cause, but capable to manage the effect, our focus should be on the frail, those at risk, those in need and anyone who calls for help. Now is the time to write the next chapter in humanity, to champion the resolve to preserve life and secure the foundation for whatever is next.
Global economies will all shrink under the pressure, businesses will be lost, people will be laid off, life will not stop, but change direction and pace, but throughout it all we have spirit and an ability to fathom it out and reset ourselves and our values in readiness to re-build.

Generations of war and conflict have provided countless opportunities to realise life is precious, but as humans we are too self-centred to learn from the failings of the past. Where human conflict destroyed the people and their lands …… for what …… to only go out and find another difference of opinion to consider the only resolution is to fight and destroy life.

The virus that addresses us all today is non-negotiable as to where it will strike next and who it will affect. We have no bargaining position to broker, but there are those who through their intellect will hopefully design a vaccine to eradicate the evil that befalls us today… and this cure will be for all as a race, not for the privileged few.

In a time when around the globe we may be advised or instructed to protect each other through social separation, it can serve as a time to reflect and renew our commitment to being the best that we can be. Looking out for one another, helping those in need or who require a helping hand.

The time will come when this has passed and we will return to hopefully a better life. Of thoughtful awareness and conscious behaviour that is positive productive and well meaning.

In times of old when my generation as children were sent to our rooms, or grounded; the action of our parents or guardians was not for the purpose of incarceration, but reflection. To look back on our actions or our words, what was the effect they had in the recent situation, and how given the opportunity would we do things differently.

I believe as humans we are all capable in making changes, starting with ourselves and though we may be in “lockdown”, we have a position in the global society where no-one is “locked out”.

As one door closes, another opens. Each of us holds the keys. No key is different, no door is fixed, we all have the opportunity to choose a door and turn the key and who we invite through our door is up to us, but should be inclusive; however, we neither own the door nor the key. The passage to life’s destiny is met through honesty and integrity and we value and respect all around us, we cannot fail to win.

Traditional thinking had led us this far, transformational change in mindset and action will take us forward. Above all else respect for humanity and the willingness to see others succeed before ourselves will win through.

Take time to manage the here and now during this period of global awareness and when the doors to freedom are released once again, we can go out into the world with a renewed outlook, both in opportunity and wellbeing for all around us.

Locked up, but not locked out, “we are the key”.


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