Don’t Let Doubt Distract You – 5 Points To Steer Your Mindset.

As one just like you, looking to find a solution to a better self, a better life, and a platform for success; it is all too easy to allow self doubt to take over.

Having walked a little further down the journey than others just starting out. I know how debilitating self doubt can be…. but overcome to become.

My very brief set of tips amplify the great teachings that have been shared freely, by those further on their journey than the rest of us.


5 tips or mantras that have worked for me:


  • You are enough – who you are and where you are at, is exactly where you are meant to be, don’t fight it, embrace it. Meditate on it.


  • Doing what you have always done expecting a different outcome is the wisdom of a fool. Stop doing what you have always done and do something different.


  • All the answers are out there, in a community of like-minded and credible people exist. Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, never be too proud to ask for help.


  • You are already a step ahead of where you were, “Today is the Tomorrow you feared Yesterday”…. you have moved on.


  • Along the way, always pay it forward. Your success is invariably as a result of others giving of themselves, you too can be that someone to another.


For those who can sit in silent contemplation, who may meditate or pray; whatever enables you to connect your passions dreams and expectations to your desired reality, do whatever it takes and listen to your inner self. Live in the moment, building the foundation for the future you imagine, by doing so you will open your eyes to your greater self.

Dont race to the finish line, because it does not exist. There is no terminal end other than death. Your aspirations and accomplishments are boundless and there are many like me who want nothing more than to to ensure your journey is a plentiful and as rewarding as you wish for.

My journey is shared with thousands who like me often doubted themselves, but took a deep breath and accepted the opportunity to explore all that is on offer, guided by those who not only are ahead in their journey, but who equally walk alongside us, providing guidance and safe paths of options, willing us to make the effort and place one foot in front of the other.


Self doubt is a lonely place, but for those who are willing to listen, learn and apply on reflection all that which appeared to hold you back will dissolve into irrelevance and from overcoming, ou will realise you never walk alone.



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