Change Is Better Than A Rest

Hi Friends.

Recently I reflected to my mentors and friends in the SFM community, on how we all come to a position in life where “fight or flight” becomes a reality choice…. but whilst most business opportunities promote and advocate wealth and independence as a primary feature, few project the essence of success, which is you and the influence of a community who support you on your journey.

I joined the SFM for my reasons. You, having hopefully been through the 7-day videos may now have come to an informed decision to wish to progress?

If you are unsure, take a deep breath, take a leap of faith, and know, like me you will be safely received by the most amazing educational and business developers on the planet. You are never alone.

Within the SFM there is a foundation community called The Tribe, these are the family of like-minded people, who like you, like me, had a desire to move from where they have been, to a place of desires.

This is my story… I am on my journey, I have in no way arrived, as what is a destination, but an end?  I’m not looking at a finishing line, but an evolution of self and I know those who have helped and continue to help me will help you, as well as I will help you in whatever way I can.

If I may ask, take a seat, grab a beverage and let me help frame my position, and know that by my action of putting pen to paper, enabled me to keep being the champion for my cause whilst championing the cause for others like you take their steps along their journey… success is but a stone’s throw away.

In our darkest hours as we see it at the time, we often believe rock bottom has been reached… and there is no comeback, no recovery and all hope is lost…. and as the saying goes, some of us have been to hell and back…. but the thing is we came back 🙂

I have always believed someone somewhere is worse off than me, but each time I have met, read or viewed a video etc relating to that someone, they are rich and abundant in all they have, regardless of what they have been through or what walls or limitations or crisis has befallen them …. and I am humbled. How they cope and overcome is the resounding message, not one of self-pity or a statement that life’s got me beat, but with the attitude of gratitude they just say “what the hell, I am moving forward”.

I am proud to be setting up a charity supporting and saving lives of those caught up in addiction, substance abuse, mental and physical abuse and trauma of all kinds and social re-integration using rehabilitation through physical training, mindfulness and wellbeing, whilst magnifying the affected brothers and sister’s own self-worth….

So, knowing people such as these who have their issues, I am blessed, as I am not impacted by any of the above, never have been and am in no way reliant or an adopter of anything to suppress the pain or anxiety of life as it meets us each day…. but I struggle with life and harnessing perspective, however believe I am doing right by helping others, though my own version of failing forward often leaves me with a bloody nose, and after a while it kinda stings!

In my couple of years in the SFM, my world tested me to the n’th degree and many times taken me to the brink, and the ones I love most who were in trauma far exceeding my own, were strong, resilient and supportive of me, willing me on, even though their needs greater than my own. Whilst  the depth and detail of my personal crisis I have never been fully shared with anyone, as I am supposed to be the strong one, the breadwinner, the husband and father and the motivation and inspiration to others whoever they are and whenever they need me; I believe that is my calling, even though I am struggling from within, my duty of care is to them and my God will look after me…. and boy he does:)

Whilst trying to build my marketing strategy with the SFM, I started with a gradual adoption of subscribers, though as yet I have no-one who has signed up, and I am not even hitting 10 subscribers a week let alone a day. I have struggled to find value in anything to share and no-one reads my mails not even opened them 🙁

In the last month any new subscriptions have all but dried up, but none of that is an issue to me right now as I battle with self, enough to question why I even continue…..How do I in such a mess offer guidance or leadership when I am a train wreck in the making, or so my mind tells me when I am 1 degree the wrong side of in-control?

I burn the candle at both ends and often in the middle too, constantly trying to be all things to all men, in a job I hate in a role that is unfulfilling but one I need  having been out of work for 18 months during a fearful period when my wife was battling cancer not once but twice and a baby boy to love and nurture and promise everything would be alright, and thank God it is now, my wife is a winner a fighter and my inspiration.

My time line and schedule is so out of balance, even making the time to re-write it and revise my plan is a trial… I know most answers for others, but hell I struggle to apply them myself… plan your work, work your plan. Focus on one thing, learn and re-learn, master and engage with mentors, leaders and spheres of positive influence, harvest and share knowledge…. what a hypocrite I am, but what an asset if I can just channel all the good, I know and voice it in a positive motivational way and not blow up half way through a successful run, which lately seems to have been the case!

Do I need therapy, no. I have everything I need to be a better me, to meet my higher self and to inspire others to do same….

So, what is my point…. I don’t speak to anyone, I don’t engage, I am fearful of exposing my weakness and failings, but I listen intently and learn through this great community.

Anyone who finds themselves in a mess, knotted up overwhelmed…. I’ve been there, still am there, but never in all my life have I felt there is no greater purpose, so long as I never give up.

Where do I go in addition to prayer and meditation, which in itself has helped me stabilise and re-ground my thinking…… to you The Tribe.

I read and listen to your trials challenges and successes. Most recently an issue about the haters and disbelievers of what we are doing to help others, where the haters who have tried in vain to suppress all that is good in what we collectively believe in… and you have all got back up, and started again, or picked up where you left off.

So other than a late night pen to paper mind dump, my message is one of sincere THANKS… not because I have overcome and made it and am looking back on trials having accomplished a level of success that can be celebrated, but because I value every morsel of life experience and the good attitude the Tribe offers; that in time will be an attribute I too will share with others who may be struggling in life’s journey, let alone being entrepreneurial and starting out in business through this phenomenal opportunity.

If I have spouted off and dumped my soul on you and bored you to death, I am sorry. If I have shared a candid insight admitting to the struggles and fights some face whilst making headway, I hope you in turn anchor with the Tribe for help, friendship and support, as God only knows you have saved me…. more than you would ever know.

To our leaders you know who you are, I am appreciative, and thankful I met you in London Momentum 2019… and to all the Triber’s , keep going, we are all winners.


Karl Hillcoat-Williams (

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