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Karl Hillcoat-Williams

Entrepreneur and Founder


Hi there.

My name is Karl Hillcoat-Williams.

I was born in Reading Berkshire, live in England, happily married to my wife and inspiration Rayne. We have a son Breyton, born on 10.10.10 no less!

We have two cats, Gandalf and Mogwai and a dog named Ruby.

I am a guy just like you....

I welcome you to get to know me and how I found my way and took charge and control of my destiny.

I'll share the catalyst to change that allows me the privilege to help others identify with their needs, wants, passions and desires in order to help them to satisfy their reasons "Why".

I am open to express my outlook on life and the greatest influence and core values and anchors that have spurred me on, becoming my beacon of light towards freedom... of choice, time an opportunity.

Like most people, we are born into a world where tradition and expectation, cultural norms and the belief that, "the way it is, is the way it's meant to be".... however, that is ultimately our decision.

For years I questioned this, but never knew exactly what to do about it. In the past I ventured into ethical residual income businesses of the time. I was comfortable and my career was moving in the right direction, but in the early days what I needed was strength of conviction, and a purpose, supported by a powerful, authentic and compelling community who like me, where identifying and enjoying their own awakening.

We are programmed to go to school, get the best education available to afford us the chance to secure a job and lifetime career. We work the 9-5.... and then some, climb the corporate ladder if we so wish, and we dream of the day when we can retire, to enjoy the latter part of our lives, before the body or the mind limit our ability to do so.

I'm a person who likes to work hard, throwing myself headlong into whatever I do for the greatest outcome for all. Though like many, consumed by the imbalance of time versus reward within the traditional commercial world, waking in the dark commuting 2.5 hours each way to work, returning home in the dark, not seeing family or friends etc.

It took a serious wake up-up call for me to fathom it out and then do something about it, so here I am.

The adoption of working smarter and learning how I can generate a better work-life balance is what I am doing now.

I have faced many challenges that has led me to where I am and through it all, today I have never been happier.

My journey continues, but I do not walk alone. I am blessed by mentors and friends doing exactly the same. We are all at different stages in our respective quest for freedom by our own definition and on our own terms.

In my experience a journey shared with others, learning as we go is the most uplifting situation to be in and what tops it all and is most gratifying, is helping others who are just like me, just like you, all seeking life's fulfilment.

I have worked all my career in the broadcast media technology sector, with state of the art creative technologies. I have been blessed with global travel, meeting brilliant and fantastic people and rising through the ranks within a traditional business.

The world has evolved and the evolutionary nature of simplification, automation and "consumption on demand" has taken over in every walk of life; not only in media and television in which I am familiar, but consumables and purchases of all description.

Traditional ways of working and therefore living have changed massively and the need to adapt never more evident.

My life as a result of both employment and life-changing influences became my reason "WHY". I wanted to learn to be more effective in a diversifying world and win back time-freedom to be with the ones I love.

As an employee, when the business you are in goes through transformational change, and you find your role and responsibility no longer necessary, the reality of expendability can be quite daunting.

Knowing the work I was doing may well place me at risk of redundancy, it finally turned into reality and not just once.

Four times I faced the worrisome events that surrounds reduction in force, and eventually the final day arrived and I had to bid farewell to a career path that served me and I certainly served it, for 33 years.

Life changing events have equally and heavily impacted my situation, but everything happens for a reason. Through faith and meditation, and a genuine desire to understand and accept change, I have come to terms with the hand I have been dealt...and seeing positives through the experiences has helped me be at peace, always looking forward, learning as I go.

In 2014 my wife was diagnosed with cancer. Our son was but a young infant in nursery at the time. The world came into view under a new and somewhat hazy light, not a bad one, but a light that shone, offering greater perspective and focus on what was always my most treasured core value, that of family and time to enjoy them.

As the fragile situation unfolded, it remained constant in my head and heart that life is so precious. My decision to ensure I re-evaluated my contribution in the world of work, to maximise time freedom became paramount.

Following successful treatments and 2 years in remission, Rayne was starting to enjoy life again.

Then...  we were challenged a second time, by a recurrence of her condition, so we took on the fight once more. Her resilience, positivity and never to be defeated attitude humbled me and became the single most influential driver that keeps the flame alight, not only for me, but everyone who faces a challenge and is prepared to win it over.

In the same year of the second diagnosis, I was made redundant, facing my greatest test of character, both on the home front and the work front, with every belief and positive outlook, we knew we would overcome.

Spending quality time with my son, being there for him as a dad, being there for my wife and knowing this is my time to lay the foundations for our future and be there through her recovery was all meant to be.... How I was going to get there I did not yet know, but now I am on the journey, there is no looking back.

After a long period of absence from work, I researched various opportunities, working out how I could achieve my goals.

What I needed was a solid trusted foundation...

I needed to learn anew and apply myself each and every day.

With my wife back in the clear and thankfully for me back in a new job, I set about to develop myself .... though more so now, as yet again, after just 3 months into my new position, it too was being dissolved. I was back at risk and my role redundant!

My story continues and I am inspired by my nearest and dearest, who fought and won, championed cancer against the odds, who remains healthy, happy and full of life.

My time is now to pay it forward, help other people and connect those with a passion and a desire to achieve freedom on their terms.

Stay in touch. Please feel free to connect with me and my mentors.

My journey is well on the way and as I say, my family are not just blood relatives, but people who I love and trust. If I can be there for you, help you on your way, that is my life's fulfilment.

Karl H-W


My family and I are building up a business that we are able to run and build from a computer anywhere in the world. Be able to have the time and money freedom so that we are able to spend our lives as we choose to. For me, freedom is the most important thing. No boss, alarm clock or chasing customers and budgets for someone else's business and we will help other people and families do the same.


To help ourselves and as many other human beings as possible, live the life we choose to live off our own will. We are already born to this wonderful universe so let's make it a ride to remember.


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